Pro-Am Doubles

Place Name
1st C. Anderson & N Gustafson
2nd A Gunville & J Gunville
3rd N Fandrich & T Vanderwal
4th Z & Mags

Women's Singles 301

Division A
Place Name City
1st Kayla Gillis Dunseith
2nd Carrie Johnson Fargo
3rd Courtney BlackCloud NA
4th Vanessa Page Mandan
Division B
Place Name City
1st Nicole Demarce Devils Lake
2nd Roanna Demarce Devils Lake
3rd Britt Byrom Williston
4th Brittany Duplessis Devils Lake
5th & 6th Ashleigh Heavy Gun  
5th & 6th Bekki Atkins  
Division C
Place Name City
1st Brenda Howard Bismarck
2nd Terrie Slater Wiliston
3rd Linda Ragsdale Williston
4th Karen Johnson Williston
5th & 6th Shera Allard  
5th & 6th Olivia Peterson  
Division D
Place Name City
1st Tamara Cotton Williston
2nd Dre DeMars Minot
3rd Michelle Faehnrich Bismarck
4th Nina Bachman Minot
5th & 6th Jessica Paine  
5th & 6th Lisa Bratcher  


Open Singles Master Combo

Place Name City
1st Travis Gladue Belcourt
2nd Don Gunville Dunseith
3rd Myron Engelhard Bismarck
4th Dion Beneke Bismarck
5th & 6th Pat Cox  
5th & 6th Linius Wallette  
7th & 8th Wayne Jahner  
7th & 8th Joe LaFountain  

Open Singles Cricket

Division A
Place Name City
1st Eric Ives Minot
2nd Jason Zuchara Stanley
3rd Mark Nies Dickinson
4th Scott Donovan NA
5th & 6th Josh Pochant  
5th & 6th Shawn Roberts  
Division B
Place Name City
1st Brittnee Foote Mandan
2nd Brock Brorson Fargo
3rd Alan Pavlicek NA
4th Eric Jensen NA
5th & 6th Dustin Potteroff  
5th & 6th Deb Tarasenko  

Open Singles 501/Combo

Division A Combo
Place Name City
1st Sonny Laducer Belcourt
2nd Charles Desjarlais Belcourt
3rd Aaron Kilbourn Minot
4th Ricardo Villagrana Parshall
5th & 6th Lowell Decoteau Williston
5th & 6th Doug Kruse  
7th & 8th Zane Enny  
7th & 8th Marc Kriegel  
Division B Combo
Place Name City
1st Rory Kegley Mandan
2nd Corey Mohl Dickinson
3rd Scott Solwey NA
4th Chris Morris Bismarck
5th & 6th Bruce Dutchuk  
5th & 6th Justin Studaker  
7th & 8th Ryan Studaker  
7th & 8th Troy Metzger  

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