Women's Singles 301

Division A
Place Name Town
1st Vanessa Page Bismarck
2nd Courtney Blackcloud Devils Lake
3rd Janell Jerome Devils Lake
4th Kayla Gillis Devils Lake
5th & 6th Cara Powell Bismarck
5th & 6th Danielle Fox Bismarck
Division B
Place Name Town
1st Terrie Slater Williston
2nd Leah Wentz Rugby
3rd Alicia Butterfield Bismarck
4th Daniese LeMasters Bismarck
5th & 6th Michelle Lundy Devils Lake
5th & 6th Shonel McCloud Devils Lake
Division C
Place Name Town
1st Bessie Mongram Minot
2nd Andrea Demars Minot
3rd Lisa Desjarlais Devils Lake
4th Tammy Wright Williston
5th & 6th Ashleigh Heavy Gun Devils Lake
5th & 6th Renae Stover Bismarck
Division D
Place Name Town
1st Kari Charvat Mandan
2nd Carrie Turcotte Williston
3rd Lisa Foley Devils Lake
4th Brittney Beach Dickinson
5th & 6th Stacie Woodall Devils Lake
5th & 6th Shandi Poole Williston


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