Open Singles Pool A


Place Name Operator City
1st Brent Donahue Modern Coin Minot
2nd Dean Flanders IF LaFleur & Sons Fargo
3rd Barry Romo IF LaFleur & Sons Grand Forks
4th Scott Moe IF LaFleur & Sons Minot
5th & 6th Todd Friesz Dakota Music Bismarck
5th & 6th Zeb Crawford Modern Coin Minot
7th & 8th Dusty Geller IF LaFleur & Sons Minot
7th & 8th Kyle Opstedahl Modern Coin Rugby
9th - 12th Robert Pulver Modern Coin Minot
9th - 12th Mel Keplin Dakota Music Bismarck
9th - 12th Alan Widmayer Modern Coin Minot
9th - 12th Damion Johnson Modern Coin Minot
13th - 16th Steve Iron Road Dakota Music Bismarck
13th - 16th Chugger Davis IF LaFleur & Sons Belcourt
13th - 16th Ray Poitra IF LaFleur & Sons Devils Lake
13th - 16th Clayton Enno Nortana Music Williston

Consolation Winners

Place Name Operator City
1st Tom Kaminski IF LaFleur & Sons inc Minot
2nd Tyler Perry Dakota Music Bismarck
3rd & 4th Kent Nauman Badlands Music Dickinson
3rd & 4th Rob Fandrich Dakota Music Bismarck

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