Open Cricket Team

Division A
Place Team Town
1st Nightmare on 3rd St. Rugby
2nd Mandan Eagles Comedy Central Mandan
3rd Off Constantly Devils Lake
4th Razors Edge Linde Devils Lake
Consolation Winner: Mandan Eagles Olson  
Division B
Place Team Town
1st No Bu Bu Devils Lake
2nd Razor Blades #1 Devils Lake
3rd Powerhouse Magstaft #1 Bismarck
4th Midway Tavern Rienstra Bismarck
Consolation Winner: 4-Mile Hennix  
Division C
Place Team Town
1st Ranchman's #1 Stanley
2nd Alibi's Lounge Welk Bismarck
3rd Beer Before Bulls Devils Lake
4th Ice Box-Merrill #1 Minot
Consolation Winner: Just Here 4 the Beer #1  
Division D
Place Team Town
1st Colonial Lounge Killer B's Mandan
2nd Corral Bar Bentz Bismarck
3rd Powerhouse House of Power Bismarck
4th Harbor Bar Finest Cole Harbor
Consolation Winner: Black Nugget Sambucca  
Division E
Place Team Town
1st Hansboro Bar Hansboro
2nd Hattie Nation Devils Lake
3rd Bismarck Moose Rants Bismarck
4th 3rd St Headhunters Rugby
Consolation Winner: Lucky's Bar Hofer  
Division F
Place Team Town
1st Big Girls Rule Devils Lake
2nd Bennie and the Jets Devils Lake
3rd Powerhouse King Bismarck
4th Broken Oar Neigum #1 Mandan
Consolation Winner: Midway Bentz  
Division G
Place Team Town
1st 3 Darts to the Wind LaFleur Devils Lake
2nd Lighter Stealing Cuzzints Devils Lake
3rd Old Town Tavern Pool #1 Mandan
4th Broken Oar Jangula Mandan
Consolation Winner: Midway Koch #1  
Division H
Place Team Town
1st Lucky's Bar Boehm Bismarck
2nd Weiners and Buns #1 Turtle Lake
3rd Sports Page Mann Bismarck
4th On Point Parshall
Consolation Winner: Longshots Junkies  
Division I
Place Team Town
1st Lucky's Bar Hall Bismarck
2nd Who's Driving Me Home Dickinson
3rd Box's Bar Fagen Hazen
4th Sidelines Pedersen Bismarck
Consolation Winner: Powerhouse Jundt  
Division J
Place Team Town
1st Projectile Dysfunction Dickinson
2nd Scape Goat Cunninhjam Mandan
3rd Ramada Blotsky Bismarck
4th Shut Up N Shoot Belcourt
Consolation Winner: Bullwackers  
Division K
Place Team Town
1st Old Town Tavern Joyce #1 Mandan
2nd White Whorses Dickinson
3rd 3 Darts to the Wind KCKT Dickinson
4th Fireside Chilcoat #1 Minot
Consolation Winner: Bad Habits