Mixed 301 Team

Division A
Place Team Town
1st 3rd ST Bullseye View Devils Lake
2nd Razors Edge Violators Devils Lake
3rd 3rd ST N.W.O. Devils Lake
4th Ty's Lodge #2 Devils Lake
Consolation Winner: Mandan Eagles Engelhard  
Division B
Place Team Town
1st Black Nugget Hatzenbuhler JR Underwood
2nd Powerhouse Charvat #1 Bismarck
3rd Just Here 4 The Beer Belcourt
4th Nice Buttes Devils Lake
Division C
Place Team Town
1st Hustlers #1 Watertown, SD
2nd Sledster's Most Wanted Grand Forks
3rd Cheap Shotz Beer Before Darts Dunseith
4th 4-Mile Hennix Williston
5th & 6th Ice Box=Goergen #1  
5th & 6th Old Town Tavern Staci Rebel  
Division D
Place Team Town
1st Midway Combs #1 Williston
2nd Midway Combs #2 Williston
3rd Dakota Lounge-Sheppard Minot
4th Hansboro Bar #1 Hansboro
5th & 6th Lucky's Bar Roll  
5th & 6th Wolfies Losers #1  
7th & 8th Lariat Poison Arrows  
7th & 8th Midway Tavern Brendel #1  
Division E
Place Team Town
1st Old Town Tavern Gabel #1 Mandan
2nd Midway Bentz Williston
3rd Sports Den Rude Williston
4th Old Town Tavern Pool #2 Mandan
5th & 6th O'Brian;s Tavern Rose  
5th & 6th T.N.T  
7th & 8th Nola's Lounge-Moe  
7th & 8th Pour Farm-Schell  
Division F
Place Team Town
1st Silver Dollar Bar Larock Mandan
2nd I Don't Know Jamestown
3rd Midway Tavern Thomsen #1 Williston
4th Last Call Bar Haff Bismarck
5th & 6th Old Town Tavern Cunningham  
5th & 6th Old Town Tavern Doug Rebel  
7th & 8th Oilfield Scum #1  
7th & 8th The Shop Brunelle #1  
Division G
Place Team Town
1st Midway Jensen Williston
2nd Ramada Blotsky Bismarck
3rd Powerhouse Ivesdal Bismarck
4th Projectile Dysfunction Dickinson
5th & 6th Broken Arrows  
5th & 6th Powerhouse McLeod  
7th & 8th Just The Tip LaFleur  
7th & 8th Powerhouse Engel  
Division H
Place Team Town
1st Nola's Lounge-Streitz #1 Minot
2nd Travel Host Johnson Williston
3rd Fireside Chilcoat #2 Minot
4th Tumbleweed Jose #1 Bismarck
5th & 6th Colonial Lounge Bergland #1  
5th & 6th Nice Tips  
7th & 8th Last Call Bar Kary  
7th & 8th Vets Club Cass  
Division I
Place Team Town
1st DA Dawkers Bottineau
2nd The Shot Shooters Parshall
3rd Cattails Four Drunks Williston
4th The Stadium Little Willy Bismarck
5th & 6th Chocolate Wasted  
5th & 6th Clabber Girls  
7th & 8th Last Call Bar Vettel  
7th & 8th One Notch Out #2