Open 301 Team

Division A
Place Team Town
1st Nightmare on 3rd St Rugby
2nd Mandan Eagles Olson Mandan
3rd Razors Edge Linde Devils Lake
4th Mandan Eagles Comedy Central Mandan
Consolation Winner: Powerhouse Zingrich  
Division B
Place Team Town
1st Garden Tap I'D Hit That Dunseith
2nd Powerhouse Schaf Bismarck
3rd Chairman Of The Board Dickinson
4th Dakota Lounge-Studaker Bismarck
Division C
Place Team Town
1st Alibi's Lounge Welk Bismarck
2nd Midway Kegley Williston
3rd Ramada Herman Bismarck
4th DJ's Tavern Olsen Bismarck
Division D
Place Team Town
1st It Doesn't Matter Dunseith
2nd Midway Combs Williston
3rd Wolfies Losers Bismarck
4th Not Fat, Just Furious Williston
5th & 6th Corral Bar Bentz  
5th & 6th Saddle Rack Big Dart Digglers  
7th & 8th Alibi's Lounge K. Morgenstern  
7th & 8th Powerhouse King  
Division E
Place Team Town
1st The Drink Hardy Bismarck
2nd TNT Tavern Anderson Stanley
3rd Bismarck Moose Gensburg Bismarck
4th Midway Tavern Pulkabek Bismarck
5th & 6th Ackermans Acres Resort  
5th & 6th Powerhouse Muscha  
7th & 8th Bismarck Eagles Olson  
7th & 8th Sports Page Kelsch III  
Division F
Place Team Town
1st The Stadium Schneibel Bismarck
2nd Armed & Hammered Dickinson
3rd Lucky's Bar Benson Bismarck
4th Bismarck Elks Wagner #1 Bismarck
5th & 6th Broken Oar Jangula  
5th & 6th The Stadium Dilly Dilly  
7th & 8th Our Place Tavern Lauer  
7th & 8th Saddle Rack Dirty Dart Holes  
Division G
Place Team Town
1st Longshots Bad Habits Bismarck
2nd Broken Oar Hoff Bismarck
3rd Landing Bar-Nielsen Minot
4th Lucky's Bar Hall Bismarck
5th & 6th Bismarck Elks Koch  
5th & 6th Broken Oar Neigum  
7th & 8th Out Place Tavern Bieber  
7th & 8th Powerhouse S. Engel  
Division H
Place Team Town
1st Who's Driving Me Home Dickinson
2nd Dead Liver Society Dickinson
3rd Seven Sea's Johnson Mandan
4th Powerhouse Cudney Bismarck
5th & 6th 3 Darts to the Wind OH  
5th & 6th Midway Tavern Schmidt  
7th & 8th Last Call Bar Bullistron  
7th & 8th Lucky Strike Pflepsen  
Division I
Place Team Town
1st Tumbleweed Jose Bismarck
2nd Lonesome Dove Schneider Mandan
3rd Midway Jensen #1 Williston
4th O'Brian's Tavern Almer Bismarck
5th & 6th One Notch Out  
5th & 6th Powerhouse Schlosser  
7th & 8th Old Town Tavern Campbell  
7th & 8th Old Town Tavern Kapple