Mixed 301 Team

Place Team Name City
Division A
1st Pub 21 You'll Like That Bismarck
2nd Tys Lodge 1 Devils Lake
3rd Mandan Eagles Engelhard 3 Bismarck
4th Nightmare On 3rd St 3 Rugby
Division B
1st Chicks With Tips 1 Dunseith
2nd Titty Sprinkles III Jamestown
3rd Lottas Money Shots 1 Devils Lake
4th Last Call Bar Vanderwal Bismarck
Division C
1st Ranchman's II Parshall
2nd Bs'ers Stanley
3rd Christencrows -Crow Dickinson
4th Midway Tavern Brendel Bismarck
5th - 6th And Then Williston
5th - 6th Kwitcherbitchin -Carr Grassy Butte
Division D
1st Midway Byrom Williston
2nd Whats The Point # 3 -Gosline Killdeer
3rd Wolfies Place Hoffman 3 Hazen
4th Play Fair Eh 1 Lignite
5th - 6th Beauties N Da Beasts #3 - Einspahr Dickinson
5th - 6th Bismarck Elks Muller Bismarck
7th - 8th 4 Dirty Dartateers Minot
7th - 8th O'Brian's Tavern Hilgemann 3 Bismarck
Division E
1st Lucky's Bar Roll Bismarck
2nd O'Brian's Tavern Schmidt Bismarck
3rd Powerhouse King 3 Bismarck
4th Hansboro Bar Robert 1 Hansboro
5th - 6th We Are The Refs #3 -Mccabe Dickinson
5th - 6th The Shaftmasters II Belcourt
7th - 8th Old Town Tavern Korbyn Bismarck
7th - 8th Weiners And Buns 1 Turtle Lake
Division F
1st Midway Bentz Iii Williston
2nd Finish Line Here 4 The Beer 1 Velva
3rd Broken Oar Hoff 2 Bismarck
4th Blackstone Tavern Faehnrich 3 Bismarck
5th - 6th Bison Sports Bar Lemasters 3 Hazen
5th - 6th Pour Farm Schell Minot
7th - 8th Lucky's Bar Gilbertson 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th Stray Darts #3 -Howe Dickinson
Division G
1st Midway Jensen Williston
2nd The Depot Schultz Steele
3rd Just The Tip Williston Williston
4th The Landing Spare Parts Return Minot
5th - 6th Bismarck Elks Scott Wagner 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Tnt Tavern Harter 3 Driscoll
7th - 8th Capri Chilcoat 3 Minot
7th - 8th The Shop Brunelle Williston
Division H
1st Aces Lounge-Berg Ii Minot
2nd Vfw Ouradnik Minot
3rd Bison Sports Bar Schutt 2 Bismarck
4th The Spot Aldrich Minot
5th - 6th Blind Siders Minot
5th - 6th Powerhouse S Engel 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th Broken Arrows 1 Bottineau
7th - 8th Lucky's Bar Horning Bismarck
Division I
1st Scapegoat Bar Frieson 3 Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Darty Deeds 3 Bismarck
3rd Bismarck Elks Williams 2 Bismarck
4th Rockin Horse Botkin 1 Minot
5th - 6th Busters Jackson Iii Williston
5th - 6th Powerhouse Blotsky 3 Bismarck
7th - 8th Nolas Lovelace 1 Minot
7th - 8th Sidelines Jundt 3 Bismarck
Division J
1st Main Bar Stephanie Starr Bismarck
2nd Lonesome Dove Ely Bismarck
3rd Cattails Ferrell Ii Williston
4th Capri Kickers 3 Minot
5th - 6th Old Town Tavern Campbell 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Powerhouse Reinhardt Bismarck
7th - 8th Lucky's Bar Yeado Bismarck
7th - 8th Lucky's Ladies Mahlum 2 Bismarck