Mixed Triples

Rank Team Name
1st SLN
2nd Figure It Out
3rd Blakes Babes
4th Team Ginger Kitty
5th - 6th Davis Queens
5th - 6th Matt Hecker, Kyle Gosline & Aimee Kittilson
7th - 8th Dion Beneke, Celeste Engelhard & Paul Engelhard
7th - 8th Toe The Line
9th - 12th Kyle Strinden, Roanna Demarce & Irvin Tomahawk
9th - 12th Shane Lacoe, Jason Helbling & Kay Lacoe
9th - 12th Sarah Sammy
9th - 12th Stepbrothers N Stepsisters
13th - 16th Hennix
13th - 16th Powehouse Delorme
13th - 16th Terry Herman, Demery Lawrence & Keisha Shaw
13th - 16th The Wombats
17th - 24th 4 Sum
17th - 24th Boobtown
17th - 24th Da Boys
17th - 24th Full Of Bull Dickinson
17th - 24th Jolene Whitman, Clair Fox & Marty Foote
17th - 24th Stuart Battest, Mike Holland & Brenda Schmidt
17th - 24th Side Piece
17th - 24th Tons Of Bull Belcourt
25th - 32nd Drunk Trips
25th - 32nd Its Brittany Itch
25th - 32nd Dori Amundson, Matt Purdon & Justin Prois
25th - 32nd Erik Snyder, Courtney Gust & Julie Metcalf
25th - 32nd Nate Fandrich, Mark Kriegel & Bobbe Jo Lemer
25th - 32nd Neighbors Dickinson
25th - 32nd Shooting Blanks Hatzenbuhler
25th - 32nd Tosha Hiller, Todd Hiller & Darryl Kaylor