Open '01 Team

Division A 501
Rank Name City
1st Horsemens Wallette 2 Devils Lake
2nd G Men 2 Devils Lake
3rd Tys Pop The Hood 2 Devils Lake
4th Hawkinson 2 Devils Lake
Open A 501 Consolation
  Name City
 Winner Powerhouse Black 2 Bismarck
Division B
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Sports Cave 2 Bismarck
2nd In Dart Shape 2 Devils Lake
3rd 7 Seas Bullsharks 2 Bismarck
4th Bison Sports Bar Haabala 2 Beulah
Division C
Rank Name City
1st Midway Kegley Williston
2nd Sports Den Johnson Williston
3rd Rivers Edge Hennix Williston
4th Newtown Legion Whitman Devils Lake
Division D
Rank Name City
1st County Line Cafe Larson 2 Wilton
2nd Some Bulls Hit Jamestown
3rd Bcb Brew Crew 2 Devils Lake
4th Hansboro Bar Reidelberger 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Rafter Bar Scum 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Powerhouse Schmidt 2 Bismarck
Division E
Rank Name City
1st Black Lions Leingang 2 Bismarck
2nd Pussy Control 2 Devils Lake
3rd Weekend Forcast Williston
4th Stray Darts Dickinson
5th - 6th Beer 30 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Blackstone Boys 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th Our Place Tavern Hopfauf 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th The Stadium Ottmar 2 Bismarck
Division F
Rank Name City
1st 3 Men & A Baby Devils Lake
2nd Black Sands Bd Darts 2 Beulah
3rd Wrong Hole 2 Devils Lake
4th Mad Hatters 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Bismarck Elks Langan 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th O'Brian's Tavern Helm Bismarck
7th - 8th Okayest Team Dickinson
7th - 8th Corral Bar Haskins 2 Bismarck
Division G
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Muscha 2 Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Franklin 2 Bismarck
3rd Menace 2 Sobriety Dickinson
4th Armed & Hammered Evans 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Lucky's Bar Bulls Hitters 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Sidelines Pedersen 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th Barley Pop Johnson 2 Devils Lake
7th - 8th Elbow Room Darrell Miller 2 Bismarck
Division H
Rank Name City
1st The Abc's + 1 White Guy Williston
2nd Powerhouse Tip Touchers 2 Bismarck
3rd Old Town Tavern Pool 2 Bismarck
4th Jimmy's Lounge Kokx 2 Beulah
5th - 6th Boozed & Confused 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Sports Page Hausauer Bismarck
7th - 8th Midway D.E.S.T. Williston
7th - 8th Stage Stop Stud Farm 2 Bismarck
Division I
Rank Name City
1st Sports Den Byrom Williston
2nd Swing Away Zimmer 2 Bismarck
3rd Pour Decisions Tioga
4th On The Rocks Williams 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th The Big E-Z Williston
5th - 6th Lucky's Bar Rueb Bismarck
7th - 8th Just A Bit Tipsy Dickinson
7th - 8th Last Call Bar Giggee Bismarck
Division J
Rank Name City
1st Last Call Bar Teske 2 Bismarck
2nd O'Brian's Tavern Faehnrich 2 Bismarck
3rd Jimmy's Lounge Danks Beulah
4th The Stadium Sayler 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Beauties And The Beards Devils Lake
5th - 6th Broken Oar Litke Bismarck
7th - 8th M.Foote & L.Hernandez & H.Many Ribs & W.Deane Devils Lake
7th - 8th Powerhouse Schlosser Bismarck
Division K
Rank Name City
1st Rusted Rail Brunelle 2 Wilton
2nd Bearded Moose 2 Devils Lake
3rd Stage Stop Nichols 2 Bismarck
4th River Run Schmidt Beulah
5th - 6th It Happens Dickinson
5th - 6th Send It Shimek Bismarck
7th - 8th Long Haired Losers Dickinson
7th - 8th Bismarck Elks Scott Bismarck
Division L
Rank Name City
1st O'Brian's Tavern Schmidt 2 Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Geiger 2 Bismarck
3rd 501 Bar & Grill Dilger Bismarck
4th Wolfies Place Hagen Beulah
5th - 6th Team Tiny Hands Devils Lake
5th - 6th Broken Oar Klein Bismarck
7th - 8th Crossroads Tavern Jundt 2 Bismarck
7th - 8th Powerhouse Williams Bismarck
Division M
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Engel Bismarck
2nd Midway Lilledahl Williston
3rd Pub 21 Hutmacher 2 Bismarck
4th Midway Tavern Thomsen Bismarck
5th - 6th Club Ray Knutson Ray
5th - 6th We Dont Eff W/2 Williston
7th - 8th One Notch Out #2 Dickinson
7th - 8th Alibi's Deb Beulah
Division N
Rank Name City
1st Powerhouse Chmielewski Bismarck
2nd Powerhouse Stevens 2 Bismarck
3rd Scapegoat Makeeff 2 Bismarck
4th Bismarck Elks Robyn Bismarck
5th - 6th Lonesome Dove Harsche 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Lonesome Dove McGregor Bismarck
Division O
Rank Name City
1st Cheap Shots Bauer Bismarck
2nd Don'T Touch My Tips Dickinson
3rd Main Bar Starr Bismarck
4th Rockin Horse Tichy 2 Devils Lake
5th - 6th Dj's Tavern Ladies & The Tramp 2 Bismarck
5th - 6th Elbow Room Mcleod 2 Bismarck